French Doors

*other glass options are available upon order*


Dress up your pantry with this folksy Pantry Interior French Door from Trimlite’s interior door series! Just what your kitchen needs, this door features a modern design of pantry foods along with a lovely, contemporary font.


This exquisite Rain Interior French Door from Trimlite’s signature interior door series is truly one-of-a-kind! Giving the illusion that it is raining outside, this is a perfect door leading to your backyard or sun room.


Brighten any room with our Clear Interior French door, by letting all light come through. Have a beautiful room you don’t want to hide? Use this door to show it off!


Sleek and modern yet timelessly elegant, the Princeton elevates any room. Identical designs with the Camden, the Princeton features a smooth surface.

Five-Lite Glass

The five-lite is an exquisite addition to your room’s entryway. Whether it graces your kitchen, bedroom, or living room, this door radiates elegance and warmth.

Fifteen-Lite Glass

If you’re looking to make your room’s entry way a little more inviting, whether you’re looking to spice up your kitchen, bedroom, or living room, this addition will illuminate any space it serves.