A moulded door is a type of interior door that has a hollow or solid core and a smooth or textured surface. It is made of engineered wood and comes in various designs and finishes. Moulded doors are durable, affordable and easy to install.

A french door serves as an elegant and functional divider between different spaces, such as a living room and a dining room. French doors are available in various styles, sizes and colors to suit any home or business.

A shaker door is a type of door that features a flat panel with a rectangular frame. It is a simple and elegant design that can suit any style of home or office. Shaker doors are durable, easy to maintain, and available in a variety of colors and finishes.

A barn door is a type of sliding door that can add a rustic charm to any space. Barn doors are ideal for rooms where a swinging door would take up too much space or where privacy is not a priority.